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Kitty Hundal From The Shadows




Book One of From the Shadows by Kitty Hundal is a timely fictionalized memoir highlighting the damage that can be done when a rogue Intelligence Agent with wealth and connections is able to abuse their power and engage in malicious persecution with impunity.

It's a warning to the citizens of the world about the inherent dangers of placing our civil liberties in the hands of the state without appropriate regulations and controls. It's a warning that needs to be heeded before it's too late.

Power doesn't corrupt. Power attracts the corrupt.


11%  of the earnings from the sale of From The Shadows, Persecution Games,  on, will be donated to provide legal and other financial assistance to Transparency Enforcers and the persecuted as part of the #Donation11 campaign created by Kitty Hundal & Raymond Johansen. Artists identified with this hashtag are participants.



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Ann Diamonds The Man Next Door

In those days, it was easy to join the revolution. You could sign up on any street corner where you could also find like-minded children with similar weird hair and clothes. I had been in the streets a lot that year, marching for this and shouting slogans against that. The future would sort itself out, as simple as breathing. In 1966, when I was fifteen years old, I saw Leonard Cohen sing The Stranger Song on Canadian television. Not long afterwards, I took the subway downtown and bought a book

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