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Kitty Hundal From The Shadows 2


Kitty Hundal, author of From The Shadows. is currently retired from her career as a web and software developer.


She is the niece of a past well-known and controversial figure in Canadian politics. One of many nieces and nephews.


Her uncle, the character Joseph Redpath in the book, was the founder and leader of the one of the largest left wing organizations in Canada in the 1970s, from 1970 when this organization was founded until his premature death from lung cancer in 1997. 


Her father, Mickey Hundal, a professional mechanical engineer, grew up in Canada and returned to India in the 1940s to become a Freedom Fighter. He returned to Canada in 1955, focusing on family and career. He worked for BC Hydro until his death in 1965 from arteriosclerosis.


Kitty believes that she first came to the attention of this rogue and psychopathic Intelligence Agent who stalked and targeted her most of her life, when she visited her uncle in Montreal in the summer of 1969, at the age of 16. The stalking, harassment and malicious persecution continue to this date. This rogue Agent and his family have lived in Montreal for several generations.

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