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Bold New World by Alex Freeman
Bold New World: The Coffee House Notebooks

by Alex Freeman

Imagine, for a moment, the instant in which a schizophrenic realizes that he is not, in fact, a schizophrenic, that it is human society itself afflicted. Contained in these pages are the living and the loving, the poems and the paintings, of that schizophrenic-in-remission, imagining a society sane.


The contents of poems and paintings and stories, are the collection of entries into notebooks inscribed in coffee houses around the world. These contents are the creative outlet from Alex Freeman's activism and journalism. Essentially, what follows is an autobiography of his living and his loving. 

The Man Next Door 

by Ann Diamond

In those days, it was easy to join the revolution. You could sign up on any street corner where you could also find like-minded children with similar weird hair and clothes. I had been in the streets a lot that year, marching for this and shouting slogans against that. The future would sort itself out, as simple as breathing. In 1966, when I was fifteen years old, I saw Leonard Cohen sing The Stranger Song on Canadian television. Not long afterwards, I took the subway downtown and bought a book of his poetry. Magic was afoot.

Abel Danger: Leonard Cohen and MKULTRA: Military mind control at McGill and Columbia - experiments with sensory isolation and LSD - Allan Memoria Institute - British trained eugenicists.

Race Traitor

by Elisa Hategan

Set in 1990s Toronto, RACE TRAITOR is the visceral true story of a teenage girl who becomes entangled in Canada’s most powerful white supremacist group, the Heritage Front – a domestic terrorist group later revealed to have been created and funded with the assistance of Canada’s spy agency, Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS). 

To sixteen-year old runaway Elisse, the new friends she encounters in the secretive Heritage Front are the family she’s never had. They feed her when she’s hungry, watch her back, and Wolfgang Droege, one of the group’s charismatic leaders, introduces her to a trusted friend, notorious Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who provides her with shelter and work.


At only eighteen, Elisse’s testimony will lead to the criminal convictions of prominent white supremacists including Wolfgang Droege.


by Mawr Gorshin

These ladies suck in more ways than one. 

They'll dance for you. They'll strip for you. And they'll satisfy your every urge. 


For a blood price. 

Pilgrim Process

by Matthew Spencer

"Pilgrim Process" is a near future dystopia of some 117,000 words.

Is it possible that the entire world could be enslaved and transported into madness, simply because an apparently ordinary man in an unimportant small town in Hertfordshire, starts manipulating a secret society he has joined, and decides to see just how far he can make them go? 


Other written work includes a screenplay, "Crushed Fennel", some hard Science Fiction (the Forest series) and two works in progress, which will follow "Pilgrim Process" into publication here shortly: "The Farshoreman" and "Levels of Energy". 

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