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"Fictionalized', hahaha!! Yup, amazing when you take into consideration the kind of connections certain sociopaths possess and it is so true that Power attracts the corruption. Most people are just so busy living their lives that until someone falls into the rabbit hole there is little need to look around. Kitty is a brave woman and take it from me, until it happens to you most people have no idea how dark and deep this rabbit hole goes --actor guy (Stephen Shellen)






By Mawr Gorshin, author of The Vamps  6-Sep-2015

Though this is a fictionalized memoir, it is most assuredly based on a true story. And let me tell you, this story is proof that truth is not only stranger than fiction, but it's also more exciting than fiction. The kind of corruption she writes about here is a case of 'you can't make this stuff up!' The sense of 'I smell a rat' that she writes about pulls you in, wanting to read more, and making you more and more aware of how, even in the so-called 'free world,' we all too often have to remember to watch over our backs. They're all out to get you: paranoid is just good thinking.




UPDATED. 2022.07.19.

The rogue Intelligence Agent whose activities are revealed in this book, died on December 23, 2014 and his Cohort in Crime died on June 18, 2014, after spending years suffering from Alzheimer's disease. They were too cowardly to target my Uncle directly, so they targeted me by proxy. 


In my opinion, their behavior demonstrates that they were weak, cowardly, little men who were predatory psychopaths and who were simply looking for a victim they could target with impunity. It could have been any vulnerable teenager. It was simply an accident of circumstance that resulted in their target being me.


Others were also recruited during the early years and used this persecution campaign as a stepping stone for personal career advancement. They and the role they played is discussed in this book.


The Cohort's family took up this 'project' on his behalf when he became too ill to continue in 2003, and, under the direction of his wife, son and son's wife, have been leading the malicious persecution campaign since 2003.


Only psychopaths and sociopaths would go to the extreme lengths of making a persecution campaign both life-long and multi-generational.


They are now an Epstein style business entity which undermines democratic processes in Canada through murder, medical murder, abuse and neglect as well as extortion, sextortion, and blackmail, to push their extremist agendas.


In addition, they coordinate targeting other targets of the wealthy in Canada, on their behalf.


All of this is done under the cover of corrupt, bribed cops, including Police Chiefs/Commissioners, politicians and bureaucrats, to escape detection of their crimes.


They've also recruited Collaborators from within my own circles over the years. Money whispers to the self-serving corrupt and cowardly no matter which wing they fly on, left or right, and this abuse of me has become their stepping stone to better things.


They are also known to me and this book will have sequels.

Kitty Hundal, Author






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