Juarez: the laboratory of the future by Charles Bowden
Charles Bowden

March 2014


Author of Murder City, Dreamland, the way out of Juarez, and other books. See the Related Links section for articles by and interviews with Charles Bowden.


Charles Bowden on Jose R. Rivera Fierro:


He's an ex-con, co-founder of the Barrio Azteca gang, and survivor of a very hard place. Jose Rivera Fierro has written a profane, and riveting book about coming up on the line.


No one else has brought us this essential tale.


Read it and learn some hard truths the governments never admit.


Molly Molloy

March 2014

Comments coming soon ....


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About Molly Molloy

Kitty Hundal

March 2014


I had the pleasure of being introduced to Mr. Fierro in March of 2014, through a mutual friend of ours, James Henry Graf. He joined my Facebook Friends List and we began the process of getting to know each other. After reading his book, I was awed that he had come so far and had become such an amazing human being in spite of the very rough world he was born in to and had to survive in.


He's evidence that good people really are often forged through lifes' fires.


​I'm sure there will be many that will find his book as insightful, interesting and informative as I did. It offers hope to the kids who are currently growing up in that same world.

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